[SWIPL] SWI-Prolog 25 year!

Jan Wielemaker J.Wielemaker at vu.nl
Tue Jan 3 22:00:17 MET 2012


Although the real start of SWI-Prolog is a bit vague, I believe 2012 is
the most accurate year to celebrate its 25th anniversary. It would be a
pity to let that pass by unnoticed. The most obvious place to make some
noise is ICLP 2012.

One way to celebrate might be a one-time workshop with contributions on
extensions and applications. This could be completed with a discussion
about building a more successful open source LP community. For this, we
could invite someone from another community.

This is a first poll to see whether there is enough support and whether
we can get this organised. Feel free to discuss that here and/or contact
me directly.

	Cheers --- Jan

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